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It’s been a busy week and I began writing three different posts, without actually finishing any of them. Writing can be a delightful experience for some, while it’s a hair-raising horror for others. I probably lie somewhere in between the continuum, because for me it’s an expressive mechanism and a learning process which still needs a lot of cultivation and hard work.

I came across a website for author Jerry Jenkins,  who expresses some of my feelings about putting pen to paper (well…typing on the laptop):

Do you love writing?

Actually, what I love is having written. I find writing particularly grueling, but I do enjoy the editing and re-writing that makes each project work…

Here is an article about making changes and daily routines by Trudi Drewitt. Hopefully my writing will develop into a habit, but one that doesn’t become stagnant and thoughtless.

Click on each page and zoom in to get a larger image (so you can read the article!).

What are some habits you have/would like to change?


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