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Let Me In – Review


Review- coming soon.

(This end of semester truck load of work is relentless!)


Thursday, 11th November 2010.

To be honest, I didn’t enjoy this film very much. It was the company of my friends which lured me into the cinema seat and in front of a screen playing this horror-romance-vampire-basedonaSwedish-film.

WARNING- May be some spoilers.

A vampire girl and a weird (really weird) boy meet when vampire girl and her guardian move in to the neighbouring apartment. She warns him not to fall in love with her. The boy is 12 years old, but vampire girl has been living for much longer as vampires tend to do.

Guardian of vampire girl hunts people and murders them at night before draining their blood and feeding his little monster. 12 year old boy, Owen, suspects something is up and eventually finds out the truth. But love is blind, and he chooses to run away with vampire-girl.

Owen has also been subjected to extreme bullying by other boys in his grade. Mental and physical abuse which escalates when he tries to fight back.

One of the most brutal scenes in the film – there are a lot of gruesome gory moments – was the final bullying sequence. Throughout the film I would routinely cover my eyes and wait for my friend to nudge me so I could look again. But during this scene where Owen is cornered, trapped, beaten and almost drowned, I couldn’t help but block my ears as well. It was the only scene to ignite true horror and disgust at the base and predatory behaviour of the bullies.

Interesting side-note: The mother’s face is never seen in the film. There are always shots of her out of focus, or close-ups on the back of her head and hands. Is this so we don’t feel a personal attachment to this character? It seemed like a technique blaring out *I am using this filmic-technique to distance you from this character. See?* It was just a bit too obvious.

Perhaps this is not a great film and perhaps I’m just terrible at reviewing it. You can decide for yourself 🙂


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Date Night


* Does NOT contain spoilers

This comedy stars a funny duo with a lot of great chemistry between them – Tina Fey and Steve Carrell play the parents of a typical American suburban family living in New Jersey, struggling through each day as they try and maintain their sanity.

After discovering their two friends were getting a divorce, Phil and Claire Foster (played by Carrell and Fey) worry about becoming complacent in their relationship and they try to reignite some romance and glamour into their lives.

Driving into New York City, their determination for some glitz and glamour gets them into trouble with a case of mistaken identity.

Cue the tagline: “One ordinary couple. One little white lie

The rest of the film is an adventure of laughter…painful, side-splitting hilarity that had me in stitches by the end.

Apart from one or two scenes towards the end, the unexpected plot twists were entertaining and slightly bizzare… who needs realism when you’re cracking up with laughter.

Some other stars included in the cast:

* Mark Wahlberg * Leighton Meester * Mark Ruffalo * Jimmi Simpson * Will i Am * Mila Kunis *

I felt so good by the end of the film; it was a dose of funny that I desperately needed and I felt like toxins had been released from my body.

Definitely not for the young ones, Date Night is high on my recommendation list for movies out right now.

If you have seen it, what did you think?

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