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Ideas are bubbling away.

I’m dreamer. Always have been. But during exams it seems the dream-o-meter in my mind works overtime.

I think about my summer holidays. Shopping. The beach. Going out. Birthdays. Parties. Work. Cleaning. Fashion. Blogging. Intern-ing. Christmas. Europe. Writing. Secrets.

…and the list goes on. A long way on.

Right now I should be studying or writing my essay. But I missed SkippingStones and writing just for fun. So below I finally updated my review on Let Me In – the first negative review on this blog.

Who knows what my next post will be about, I sure don’t. I’m not short of ideas though! If you have a request for a topic in particular leave a comment and let me know.


Now for a dose of poetry:

Your reason and your passion are the rudder and sails of your seafaring soul. If either be broken, you can but toss and drift or else be held at a standstill in the mid-seas.

For reason, running alone is a forced confining. Compassion unattended is a flame that burns to its own destruction.

~ Khalil Gibran


A bit of cute:

Meet Tess. She is my friend’s Groodle. Isn’t she adorable? A cross between a Golden Retriever and Poodle, she’s very energetic with a dose of crazy. I love this picture because it encapsulates her cheekiness and kookiness.


Last thought for the day: I am thinking of starting a new blog, or transforming this one and putting more of my identity to it. Give myself a name and getting my writing ‘out there’. I haven’t worked on building a readership or creating a niche in the blogging world but it’s something I’m thinking about.

What are your thoughts?


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The Song and the Star

I picked up a tattered, old little book of poems by Clara Webber last year at a book fair. Out of curiosity I did an internet search but I didn’t come up with much information. The book is called Flotsam and Jetsam and it was published in 1905. The themes of her poems are Love, Philosophy, Life, Seasons, Regret, Friendship and Poetry. This is one of her works:

 The Song and the Star
(For Music)

                                              There’s a song for all the ages,
                                                                                         Sung for me,
                                              To a stately measured music,
                                              Thro’ deep silences that quiver –
                                              Golden sunlight in the river –
                                              I can hear its message stealing,
                                              Life’s deep inner life revealing:
                                              Now it holds me so – and holds me,
                                              Its deep glory now enfolds me
                                              Till I faint with its rich ecstasy
                                                              The sweetness of the song.

                                              There’s a star in yonder heavens
                                                                                          Far too high
                                              To reach down: Earth’s so low.
                                                                                           You and I
                                              Will have grown too sad and weary
                                              With earth noises long and dreary.
                                               Thro’ deep silences that quiver –
                                              – Length’ning shade on shining river –
                                               I can hear its death-note ringing
                                              Thro’ the shadow round us clinging
                                                                                           You and I

                                              Love, the shadow on the river,
                                              Will grow bright in the “Forever,”
                                              And the song that you are singing,
                                              Will grow sweeter in the ringing,
                                              When the thread of life is wasted,
                                               And the bitter herb all tasted –
                                                                          In the Life that is to be !

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I picked up a poetry book last week and I began to miss reading and learning about it.

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I tend to collect tid-bits from the internet which sees my ‘Pictures’ folder ever-expanding (and my hard drive space ever decreasing!). So it’s only fair that I share these with you. (I will be including more on this post next time).

Just a side note: Thank you to every one who has commented so far!! It means a lot to me 🙂

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This photograph was taken by my friend when we roamed on the rocks that shape the end of the beach. It was a beautiful day.

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Looking over Sydney Harbour

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 The ‘Quaint Quotes + Pretty Picture’ Post 








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