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I picked up a poetry book last week and I began to miss reading and learning about it.


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Surprise Surprise!

Alex Perry Show 2009 Rosemount Fashion Festival

I’m not in the habit of doing giveaways but I thought it would be a nice gift to show appreciation for the support you’ve provided and perhaps to get a few more people commenting and interested in dear ol’ SkippingStones 🙂

What’s the prize?

2 x Tickets to a Show and Glass of Wine on Saturday 28th August, 4pm at Sydney Town Hall, NSW. This is part of the 2010 Rosemount Fashion Festival. I went to one of the shows last year and found it very exciting!

Rosemount Sydney Fashion Festival Myer Miss Shop Show:

“Join Ruby Rose at this exciting event as Myer celebrates Miss Shop’s 25th Birthday! Check out the latest looks and new brands in the Miss Shop department including Milk & Honey designed by Ruby Rose, Miss Shop, Blue Juice, Tokito, All about Eve, Minty Meets Munt, Motel, Quirky Circus by Mink Pink and more!
Ruby Rose will be personally styling her Milk & Honey collection before making a guest appearance on the catwalk.”

Alright I’m in! Now please tell me, how can I win?

Send a meaningful picture + quote combination you have created and/OR finish this sentence in 25 words or less: “The language of fashion is…”

Send to skippingstones@live.com.au or post as a comment.

One last thing. You can follow me on twitter if you so wish. Or at least check it out 🙂

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– This photograph was taken on a winter vacation somewhere in the country or mountains. I love the crisp, fresh air of the country/mountains and it has been months since I’ve spent time in such an open space, as you would have read here will read about soon.

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Blur my mind.

Instead of one awesome photograph, I’m posting two ‘okay’ pictures 😛

They were both taken on fun days with my lovely friend when we hung out together during summer.

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This photograph was taken by my friend when we roamed on the rocks that shape the end of the beach. It was a beautiful day.

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Pull my strings.


There is something so magical and breathtaking about this image. Puppets and chess pieces…a familiar metaphor for life but used originally in this image.

* This is not my picture

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 The ‘Quaint Quotes + Pretty Picture’ Post 








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