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Ideas are bubbling away.

I’m dreamer. Always have been. But during exams it seems the dream-o-meter in my mind works overtime.

I think about my summer holidays. Shopping. The beach. Going out. Birthdays. Parties. Work. Cleaning. Fashion. Blogging. Intern-ing. Christmas. Europe. Writing. Secrets.

…and the list goes on. A long way on.

Right now I should be studying or writing my essay. But I missed SkippingStones and writing just for fun. So below I finally updated my review on Let Me In – the first negative review on this blog.

Who knows what my next post will be about, I sure don’t. I’m not short of ideas though! If you have a request for a topic in particular leave a comment and let me know.


Now for a dose of poetry:

Your reason and your passion are the rudder and sails of your seafaring soul. If either be broken, you can but toss and drift or else be held at a standstill in the mid-seas.

For reason, running alone is a forced confining. Compassion unattended is a flame that burns to its own destruction.

~ Khalil Gibran


A bit of cute:

Meet Tess. She is my friend’s Groodle. Isn’t she adorable? A cross between a Golden Retriever and Poodle, she’s very energetic with a dose of crazy. I love this picture because it encapsulates her cheekiness and kookiness.


Last thought for the day: I am thinking of starting a new blog, or transforming this one and putting more of my identity to it. Give myself a name and getting my writing ‘out there’. I haven’t worked on building a readership or creating a niche in the blogging world but it’s something I’m thinking about.

What are your thoughts?


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I’ve been tagged! The fiery miss Jaded Vixen tagged me to re-post my very first blog entry. “To see how things are different now, if you write differently, if you write about the same topic, if you did a “hi this is why I’m blogging” sort of post or if you just got straight into it. Then you tag five people to do the same.”

I am tagging Steph- TheRealSydney, Ratz- What Can I Say!, Laura – Perceive Me, Gig – Gigdiary, and Slaveboi – Waiting for the light to change.

My first blog was at the start of the year, when I kick started my wish to write and blog.

What do you think of my first post? I am pleased to be reminded of that poem by Nancye Sims.


Skipping Stones

January 3, 2010 by skippingstonesHello Everyone,

Happy New Years to everyone across the globe!

So far, ‘everyone’ consists of people who I have so kindly informed of this fledging little blog, and myself. It has been an increasing desire of mine to begin a blog and so I have decided it would be my way of beginning the year by acting on a dream that has been growing throughout 2009.

What do I hope to achieve out of this blog? So far I don’t have the answer to this question…perhaps it will come with time. For now I would love to share some funny, meaningful, whacky and heartfelt thoughts and stories that no doubt will fill 2010 and the years to come.

To begin my endeavour into the blogosphere I have some inspirational words from writer Nancye Sims, whose poems have reached me through forwarded emails and then my happening upon her website: http://nancyesims.com/

Here are a few lines from her poem ‘Some Definitions of Success’ (1996):

When you live for today, rather than in the past or for the future.

When you stop looking for happiness, and start giving it to others.

When you want less of what you can see and more of what you can’t see.

When you know the value of love and value it above all else.

When you need something to stand on, and your standards speak for themselves.

When you are touched by the beauty around you, and the world is touched by the beauty in you…

 I am looking forward to this new and exciting endeavour and where it will take us. Enjoy!


This also made me think about Steph’s post today on TRS, “What is your blog about?”

I am starting to get a better direction with my blog, but there are plenty of new things to come!!

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This article appeared in Mx last week (the free metropolitan newspaper) – before you berate me for reading that ‘newspaper’ let me say, I know I know, you wouldn’t categorise this publication as hard-hitting journalism. In fact, it can be quite trashy and ridiculous at times. But it’s free, and stupid. I need a dose of stupid sometimes.

Onto the article itself! What do you think?

The thing that struck me most was this line: “It’s no wonder girls keep playing games – we’re not supposed to call, we’re not supposed to chase, we’re not supposed to come on too strong.”

There will be some with stories of how they met their man by being straightforward and forthright, but I would have to say my thoughts are attuned with that line. Or at least, that’s how it feels. Not only do many girls spend time analysing text messages, conversations etc., but they also analyse how ‘eager’ they come across, if it’s too much. Maybe it should be toned down. What if he thinks I don’t like him then? If he liked me wouldn’t he try anyway? Maybe I’m reading it all wrong. I just want to know!!!

Have you ever played any tricks to get the attention of someone?

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Can anyone guess where this photograph was taken? It is overlooking an ancient city in a country which holds about 3 million people, but has over 10 million people scattered around the world.

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Just imagine. You are relaxing on the comfiest cushions in the world. There are no problems in your life and your closest friend walks in. Surprisingly, they too are perfectly problem-free and you sit down to have a nice long chat together. You discuss all that is wonderful and fairy dust sprinkles itself over your magical little world.

What would you be really talking about?

It seems to me, problems, struggles, troubling issues and disagreements make up a significant portion of our daily conversations. Of course it is likely that many conversations do not include any of these things, but what if they were completely eliminated from all our conversations?

Conversations might get a little flat if, for instance, you couldn’t complain about the inconsistent weather reports by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, or the horrid smell in the train carriage that had you ‘getting off at the next stop’ (secretly running to the doors of the next carriage).

Yes, we all complain about different things in our lives – but is it always a bad thing?

When you delve deeper into the issue, into more meaningful heartaches, head sores and anxieties, there is a greater issue at stake. Talking about light and fluffy frivolities and even the great joys of life, can be exciting, healthy and should be encouraged more often. Nevertheless, there is some merit in laying aside the happy for the more problematic issues that life throws our way. Take the blog www.mamamia.com.au for instance – many of the commenters find support through an online community that shares, discusses and argues (albeit vehemently at times) issues they face.

In ‘real life’, I would argue that bonds and connections between friends are especially deepened by the sharing of problems, and working through them or hopefully overcoming struggles. Even if it is the mere expression of a frustration, having that person next to you and nodding along can be reassuring and supportive.

Quite often, when we connect with someone, the sharing of problems (no matter how small or large) plays a role in the relationship.

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“Staying more than escaping. Pausing rather than rushing. These are our most pressing needs.”

I would be naïve if I thought this was a revelation – nevertheless, the truth of the matter is that many of our lives are fast-paced, busy and tiring; our heads filled with useless information, expectations, pressures, fuzzy unformed thoughts, theories about the multitude of worldviews and ‘isms’, status updates, the little ding-dong of a message alert; and our hearts with deep burning desires that fluctuate like the weather on an Australian Autumn day.

The soundtrack to LIFE has been playing with a relentless beat.

With so much to do, I sometimes forget that taking time out without ‘achieving’ anything is O-K. Strangely enough, when I start getting assessments and exams I become a champion procrastinator and I tell myself these things constantly. Yet there are still emails to be answered, chores that don’t magically disappear, time to be spent with certain people, and the general feeling that I should be participating in an activity that will perhaps help build a career portfolio, strengthen my social network and learn something new to expand my intellectual capacity.

As I was rummaging through my closet and trying to organise bundles of clothes, I found this little shirt that had been discarded and forgotten. It has a beautiful message that came at the perfect time. 

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