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Remember those rosy days when you were carefree, happy and your heart was brimming with love for the world? Ok, so maybe you don’t remember or you’ve never had those days, but my point is – we tend to romanticise the past.

Reminiscing about the good old days… with friends, family and in our wishful thinking. There is a good chance that it WAS much simpler back then. But I have another theory – It is partly due to the fact that we already got through the moment that we see it as ‘easier back then’.

When we were in high school, for instance, studying for the HSC government exams was a massive pressure that took up a lot of our head space, energy and time. But if you moved into the workforce or university (or both) after this period, then the realisation hits you that it was really just a baby step before being flung into the wide world.

Maybe now it seems easier…but at that moment it was big. It was hard. It was something.

It can be lovely to day dream about the good past, and remember little events, transient moments and previous treasures. If we went back, of course it would be easier, because of who we have become. But that doesn’t help us now!

It always seems impossible until it’s done.

So until it’s done (whatever it may be) this quote + picture combo is going to make me smile.

Just watch me 🙂


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This photograph was taken by my friend when we roamed on the rocks that shape the end of the beach. It was a beautiful day.

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– and yet some things never change.

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Are you embarrassed by your younger self?

Think back to a few years ago. Even yourself a few days ago.

Most of us tend to reflect on moments that happened recently, a year ago and even longer, that got us red in the face and perhaps left an emotional scar that keeps in our memory.

But this post isn’t about those moments. It is about the things we’ve done that have been left forgotten, and more specifically those words and pictures we’ve produced in one form or another. Things such as a letter written to a friend many years back, a birthday card we forgot to send, a secret diary we kept to ourselves, a musical score we composed when we first discovered how to play an instrument, the artwork we painted in primary school, the essay we wrote in grade 12 and the photograph we took that we thought was so arty and different.

Although it can be embarrassing to encounter our ‘old-self’ in these trinkets and treasures, I mainly feel sentimental while re-living the memories that brought these objects into being.

Above is one of my favourite childhood drawings. Tigger was my favourite character from ‘Winnie the Pooh’ and I had quite a few different soft toys from the Disney store (before it shut down- I used to love that place!).

I wonder what I’ll be thinking about myself now in ten to fifteen years.

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