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Alex Perry 2010

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This year the fashion festival was glamour for the everyday girl. It was bigger and better than last year, with many freebies and fun stands to get yourself made up and captured in a mini-photoshoot.

I went with a few friends and we loved the show! Two lucky ladies got the chance to attend the Myer Miss Shop show and I’m sure they loved it.

This is a short post (well, you can obviously see that, but by pointing it out I’m making it slightly longer…ok I’ve lost the purpose of this sentence, moving on).

Enjoy the pictures (even though the quality is not that great) and I will see you shortly. Write to you. I can’t actually see you (little voice in head screams *enough* you’re not funny anymore!).


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Surprise Surprise!

Alex Perry Show 2009 Rosemount Fashion Festival

I’m not in the habit of doing giveaways but I thought it would be a nice gift to show appreciation for the support you’ve provided and perhaps to get a few more people commenting and interested in dear ol’ SkippingStones 🙂

What’s the prize?

2 x Tickets to a Show and Glass of Wine on Saturday 28th August, 4pm at Sydney Town Hall, NSW. This is part of the 2010 Rosemount Fashion Festival. I went to one of the shows last year and found it very exciting!

Rosemount Sydney Fashion Festival Myer Miss Shop Show:

“Join Ruby Rose at this exciting event as Myer celebrates Miss Shop’s 25th Birthday! Check out the latest looks and new brands in the Miss Shop department including Milk & Honey designed by Ruby Rose, Miss Shop, Blue Juice, Tokito, All about Eve, Minty Meets Munt, Motel, Quirky Circus by Mink Pink and more!
Ruby Rose will be personally styling her Milk & Honey collection before making a guest appearance on the catwalk.”

Alright I’m in! Now please tell me, how can I win?

Send a meaningful picture + quote combination you have created and/OR finish this sentence in 25 words or less: “The language of fashion is…”

Send to skippingstones@live.com.au or post as a comment.

One last thing. You can follow me on twitter if you so wish. Or at least check it out 🙂

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Criminally Fashionable.

– Remember my post about shopping? As it turns out, I didn’t buy black ankle boots or stockings – but I did find a lovely skirt! Also, thanks to Sportsgirl I found this gorgeous black, wide-brimmed hat that will go with anything. I cannot wait to wear it out 🙂

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Calling all Fashionistas!

It has been a while since I updated my wardrobe and with a few events coming up it’s the perfect time to do a little shopping. Join me for some Thursday night shopping, anyone?

This is an outfit I assembled on www.polyvore.com:


I won’t be buying all these items  but there are a few things I have deemed ‘wanted necessities’ (as opposed to saying  I need these things).

Black, flat ankle boots = multiple uses can be made of this item as it goes with either a skirt, dress or jeans. They match all colours with both style and comfort. It’s about time I had one of these in my wardrobe.

Almost knee-length skirt = suitable for a variety of occasions, it can be dressed up or down depending on the fabric and colour. Skirts with an elastic waistband tend to be quite flattering to the figure.

Stockings = apart from wanting to keep my legs warm, stockings add elegance to any outfit; especially something like the sheer material pictured above. Unfortunately sometimes they get worn down and no amount of clear nail polish can save them. I am considering branching out this year and buying something with a pattern.

What are you looking to add to your wardrobe next time you go shopping?

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Pull my strings.


There is something so magical and breathtaking about this image. Puppets and chess pieces…a familiar metaphor for life but used originally in this image.

* This is not my picture

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Buying myself a chunky set of headphones, I pay for them at the counter and hooray for getting them at 1/3 of their original price – I asked that they be thrown in with my netbook purchase. On reflection though, it has occurred to me that I didn’t choose them for their sound quality, or so much their size – but what they signified to me.

I have noticed a trend which has seen a rise in the chunky headphone ‘look’ – Yes! : I saw my new head phones as a fashion accessory. To give myself some credit, I did actually need them and they were not purchased without considerable thought beforehand. Nevertheless my first action was not to test them out on my laptop, iPod or any media player.

I stood in front of my mirror, hung them around my neck, put them over my ears and manipulated the cord so that it hung onto my belt in the perfect position. Sure, they do look rather chunky, but I have chosen to overlook that issue.

It might seem foolish to some, but I liked the idea of matching them to my new netbook and creating the whole ‘techno look’ …OR maybe this whole trend is of my imagining and I will look like a computer geek. Unfortunately I have no idea about programming computers, let alone hack into anything. At least for me, the headphones have become signifiers for the technologically adept… the semiotics of fashion can be so ambiguous! 

Have you ever bought something for a different reason than its intended use?

(Oh yes! I have actually used a coat hanger and twisted it around so that it holds my earrings – like a stand. Technically I didn’t buy the hanger though!)

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Whiff of Champagne.

One of my polyvore designs ^.

Also: There are quite a few advertisement for Digital SLR camera’s right now – it is so tempting!

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