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Hello fellow SkippingStoners (oops, that doesn’t sound too good!),

As you saw by my last post, I’m back! Yes, I know it’s been a while. I know I know, I vanished without a trace, no explanation or anything.

I was kidnapped by evil bandits and held for ransom. It took my friends and family almost 2 months to gather the total amount the bandits had demanded and once they paid them back I was set free. They refuted my pleas for internet access, lest I send out an SOS to you and/or others.

Alright, the story didn’t quite go like that. The evil bandits were called “life” and the ransom money was my sanity. Or something like that.

Thank you so much to those who kept visiting and a special mention goes to Ratz who almost sent federal agents in search of me. I have loved your comments (what blogger doesn’t like comments!?) and I hope to keep giving you a reason to come back here.

You might be wondering, what next? You have seen some of the posts I’ve written in the past, and there will be more to come.

  • Latest and Greatest series (does one post classify as a ‘series’?)
  • Article reviews (because I read a lot of articles)
  • Pretty Pictures + Quotes Post (why keep them all to myself?)
  • Day-to-day observations, musings and imaginings
  • Article-style posts on events I attend and/or media work I *fingers crossed* manage to find
  • Snapshots captured here and there (and over there)
  • Movie reviews etc.
  • Guest posts (this is a call out to friends, other bloggers and writers)
  • Creative creations and thoughts (I will try to restrain myself from posting too many quotes, but I love them!)
  • …and there might be a few surprises along the way 😉

I aim to post once a week, give or take. I realise the internet is a very fast medium, so please be patient with me, for I did say it was the ‘pitter patter’ of my return.

Please leave your comments for feedback (constructive criticism is welcome), your thoughts, ideas, discussions and whatever you may fancy.

And now to leave you with a little thought…


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I tend to collect tid-bits from the internet which sees my ‘Pictures’ folder ever-expanding (and my hard drive space ever decreasing!). So it’s only fair that I share these with you. (I will be including more on this post next time).

Just a side note: Thank you to every one who has commented so far!! It means a lot to me 🙂

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Buying myself a chunky set of headphones, I pay for them at the counter and hooray for getting them at 1/3 of their original price – I asked that they be thrown in with my netbook purchase. On reflection though, it has occurred to me that I didn’t choose them for their sound quality, or so much their size – but what they signified to me.

I have noticed a trend which has seen a rise in the chunky headphone ‘look’ – Yes! : I saw my new head phones as a fashion accessory. To give myself some credit, I did actually need them and they were not purchased without considerable thought beforehand. Nevertheless my first action was not to test them out on my laptop, iPod or any media player.

I stood in front of my mirror, hung them around my neck, put them over my ears and manipulated the cord so that it hung onto my belt in the perfect position. Sure, they do look rather chunky, but I have chosen to overlook that issue.

It might seem foolish to some, but I liked the idea of matching them to my new netbook and creating the whole ‘techno look’ …OR maybe this whole trend is of my imagining and I will look like a computer geek. Unfortunately I have no idea about programming computers, let alone hack into anything. At least for me, the headphones have become signifiers for the technologically adept… the semiotics of fashion can be so ambiguous! 

Have you ever bought something for a different reason than its intended use?

(Oh yes! I have actually used a coat hanger and twisted it around so that it holds my earrings – like a stand. Technically I didn’t buy the hanger though!)

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Now flip phones have become a thing of the past. It’s all about the i-phone, blackberry and whatever else is around the corner. Nevertheless, when I was younger the flip phone was the coolest thing around.

I used to watch the television carefully when the girls and guys would flip their phones effortlessly and wish I had a flip phone; just for that sole purpose. Mind you, when I did eventually try opening one, it didn’t look quite as seamless as those ‘perfect mannequins’ on television.

It is a well-studied phenomenon (not the phone flipping), that our behaviour changes when we are being observed (social facilitation, mere presence theory etc.). We don’t really need studies to tell us about these nuanced alterations because they are evident in our own actions and in those of others.

For example, some of my nuanced changes in behaviour include, talking on the phone with my head in the air, moving the pleats of my skirt so they sway in the wind, typing faster on the computer when someone walks by, swaying to the music just a bit harder…

What I want to know, is does it really make a difference? Do people see right through us as we shift our gears?

We tend to have that feeling that we are ‘fooling others’; a certain superiority that others can’t see through us. Meanwhile, on the other end of the spectrum we achieve that same feeling when someone ‘tries’ to fool us, or so we think, and we see right through it. Perhaps we play along for our own amusement, to spare the feelings of the other party or because we can’t be bothered to signal that their jig is up.

I just smile inside and keep moving along.

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