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Can you feel the beat?

* This photograph was taken in…Lebanon! That shouldn’t be a surprise anymore. Obviously I played around with the picture to give it that cool effect (isn’t this post quite a contrast from the previous one!?)

– The weekend is near and I’ve got some events to attend! I will come back and visit all my blogger friends soon 🙂


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Pull my strings.


There is something so magical and breathtaking about this image. Puppets and chess pieces…a familiar metaphor for life but used originally in this image.

* This is not my picture

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No doubt, the next time I dance I’ll be thinking: “What is going through my head now? Well, this is going through my head now! Oops…Crash. Silence. Ouch.”

Those thoughts aside, it is an interesting question which has a variety of answers, depending on the music, your dancing ability, clothes, partner, crowd, aloneness and sobriety.

What has prompted me to ponder such a deep and meaningful question? It would have to be the harbour cruise I boarded on Saturday night, a dance party with about 300 people on board. Wearing a slinky black outfit with black patent heels, I mingled, shimmied and swayed (the boat was rocking) with friends old and new. As you can gather, I love to dance.

After getting hot and squished on the dance floor, I started looking around and thinking about what we were all doing. Most of the thoughts running through my mind were around comparing myself to others, watching the guys dance away, catching a glance in my direction, admiring the pretty dress with the floral pattern, thinking about when I get to take off my heels, questioning the DJ’s song choice, seeing if the group I’m dancing with is enjoying themselves, etc.

The people who seem to have the most fun when they dance are those who ignore their surroundings and follow Lady Gaga’s advice – Just Dance.

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Before you change your holiday ringtones and message tones, I have a little advice for you.

 Is there ever a song that’s on repeat because you love it so much you want to hear it over and over and over…? My advice is do NOT set this favourite song as a ringtone or message tone. After a while YOU WILL GET SICK OF IT.

Case 1: Everytime We Touch – Cascada

I put this as my ring tone last year and after a while when I decided to change things up I realised that the song didn’t excite me like before. No longer did I wish to get up and dance, mouth the lyrics to the song (I don’t even allow my own ears to be tortured by the sound of my voice), start pumping my hands in the air or turn the volume up. I am hoping that over time, these symptoms of my love for the song will reappear, and I can listen to the entire song without pressing the “next” button.

Case 2: Pop! Goes My Heart – Music and Lyrics

Yes, this is as corny as it gets. After watching the romantic comedy Music and Lyrics with Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant, I found myself listening to the soundtrack and attempting to wriggle my bum around like Hugh Grant and re-ignite the 80s cheesy dance moves and disco beat. As you would have predicted, I got a bit sore after a while and I simply got tired of the song.

My decision to finally change my ringtone was prompted after a small incident…

After a fair bit of drum beating, the first words of the song are as follows:

“I    never    felt    so    satisfied…”

Now when you’re on the train, quickly rummaging through your things to pick up your mobile before it goes to voicemail, it doesn’t help the matter to have people staring after you’ve realised the meaning of picking up right after those words! Especially when you are trying to look professional in your work gear in a squashed up peak-hour carriage packed like a can of tuna.

Henceforth when answering the phone, there became added pressure to make sure I got to it before the lyrics starting playing.

Note: The lyrics continue “…when I looked into your hazel eyes.” But it goes to voicemail at that point – giving the lyrics a whole different meaning!

Case 3: Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer – Nat King Cole

This is actually my current message tone. Apart from the fact that I dislike listening to this song on my i-pod now; having a whole entire song as your message tone means that your decision to ‘read the message later’ results in a loud, seemingly never-ending repeat of the same song again and again. It also confuses people who wonder why you aren’t picking up the phone, seeing as it plays like a ring tone.

Because of this song’s, let’s say ‘quirky’ musicality, it certainly gets heads turning!

Any ideas for a new ringtone or message tone?

I’m thinking of picking the latest dance hit, perhaps something by Cassie Davis. I should do a background check on the lyrics first. But because I’m lazy, I’ll just have to be surprised. 😉


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