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I picked up a poetry book last week and I began to miss reading and learning about it.


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Looking over Sydney Harbour

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– Jane Austen

Volume III, Chapter I

“Elizabeth, after slightly surveying it, went to a window to enjoy its prospect. The hill, crowned with wood, from which they had descended…was a beautiful object. Every disposition of the ground was good; and she looked on the whole scene, the river, the trees scattered on its banks, and the winding of the valley, as far as she could trace it, with delight. As they passed into other rooms, these objects were taking different positions; but from every window there were beauties to be seen.”

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Why is beauty so important?


Because we derive energy and motivation from beautiful sights, beautiful sounds, beautiful words and ideas, and beautiful environments.

– Thomas Kinkade

I never thought about beauty in this way until I read the quote and realised the truth it holds. Of course ‘beauty’ may be a relative concept, with each person partial to various forms and shapes in which beauty dwells. Whatever you find beautiful, think about how it affects you, why you appreciate this thing for its beauty and the inspiration it may offer.

Beautiful sights –is there not a certain attraction to all things beautiful? People included.

It is no secret that artists, designers and directors can be inspired and motivated by a muse – usually a beautiful woman!

Beautiful is capturing the moment of two lovers holding hands, a child overcome by sheer joy, the sky changing colours on the horizon, a pretty flower on the side of the road and the endless sights around the world such as the splendid Sydney harbour, the proud and tall Eiffel Tower, the magnificant Harissa that overlooks Beirut and all the amazing wonders the world has to offer.

Beautiful sounds – The noise of water rushing in a stream, crashing waves upon the shore, rain pattering on the roof or the silence of the countryside, the neighing of a horse, a whistling wind whipping the air…

Natural sounds can be quite refreshing and rejuvenating as an escape from the noise of cars, computers, television, mp3 players, etc.

On a different note, music can be a beautiful source of energy and joy. Whether it be the peaceful piano melody of Yanni or the energetic beat of Cascada, Rhianna and Shakira, each of these sounds provides me with a source of motivation (the latter sits on my workout playlist). Think about it- when the music is to your liking, there is a greater chance of stepping onto the dance floor and letting yourself feel the beat pulse in your veins – it is energising!

Beautiful words – whether standing alone or strung together to create sentences of delight, I can have no doubt that words are powerful, most potently when they are turned into action. Think about all the tweets, tumblrs, facebook groups, little books and kitchen magnets that contain ‘quotes’, phrases and words that are so beautiful, funny and thoughtful.

Poetry, novels, lyrics – these all invite us to use our imagination and emotionally engage with the beauty before us.

“Isn’t that beautiful? What did that tree, leaning out from the bank, all white and lacy, make you think of?” – Anne of Green Gables

Beautiful ideas – these inspire crowds, enter our hearts, change our lives, nourish the soul and spread like wildfire when expressed through the right vehicle.

Beautiful environments –includes wonder at the majesty of natural beauty, the innovations of human beings and the family and friends which surround us.


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