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This article appeared in Mx last week (the free metropolitan newspaper) – before you berate me for reading that ‘newspaper’ let me say, I know I know, you wouldn’t categorise this publication as hard-hitting journalism. In fact, it can be quite trashy and ridiculous at times. But it’s free, and stupid. I need a dose of stupid sometimes.

Onto the article itself! What do you think?

The thing that struck me most was this line: “It’s no wonder girls keep playing games – we’re not supposed to call, we’re not supposed to chase, we’re not supposed to come on too strong.”

There will be some with stories of how they met their man by being straightforward and forthright, but I would have to say my thoughts are attuned with that line. Or at least, that’s how it feels. Not only do many girls spend time analysing text messages, conversations etc., but they also analyse how ‘eager’ they come across, if it’s too much. Maybe it should be toned down. What if he thinks I don’t like him then? If he liked me wouldn’t he try anyway? Maybe I’m reading it all wrong. I just want to know!!!

Have you ever played any tricks to get the attention of someone?


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