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Life is Art

Maybe art in general – and theatre in particular – is a perfect reflection of our lives. Passionate and central to our experience in the present, quick to evaporate, lingering in spirit as a record of our inner life which is lived in dreams, in the imagination, in memories that form part of our link with other lives and other illusions in some infinite, if elusive, universal continuum.

~Jim Sharman


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– I took this photograph of my cousin. She is an aspiring musician with an angelic voice.

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One of the biggest complaints among university students is the rate at which we go through texts in a semester – it’s too fast if you ask me. I would love to learn about Greek tragedy, Austen’s novels and the Regency period, about the modernisation of male and female clothing and the in and outs of a radio studio. When I say learn, I mean enjoy and absorb the content and practical knowledge which is being offered.

But the reality is, I could focus every ounce of my energy towards uni (never mind having a social life, earning any money or networking online) and it would still be too fast paced.

We consume texts, readings, information, knowledge…like popping a different pill each week.

I understand that lecturers are enthusiastic and want us to learn as much as possible, but perhaps if they allowed us to enjoy our novels, plays and readings, it would mean less bluffing in tutorials and more engagement with our material.

Then again, my bluffing skills are becoming quite honed. Will that be handy for the workforce?

What do you wish you had more time to explore and enjoy? 


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Perhaps why indifference can hurt so much:

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During this last week of February, of summer, and a crazy busy schedule, I unexpectedly encountered a few acquaintances along my way. I ended up chatting with one of them for nearly an hour, as we spanned a broad range of topics and whiled away the dull ride that is public transport. I often glanced at the commuters around us, as they averted their gaze and pretend to be oblivious to our conversation – I am sure that at least one of my comments is bound to end up in mX Overheard (a section of the free metropolitan train newspaper).

As we each parted to go on our separate ways my first thoughts were about my impressions and what it was that I left. After some analysing I began thinking about my reaction or thought processes (yes, I analysed my analysis) – and I thought about the different ways in which one thinks about the exact same situation.

Do I think about the impression I left?

Do I think about what impression that person has left on me?

Or perhaps I start to think about the delicious lunch I have packed, the sparkly dress I saw in the shop-front and all the work I have for today.

Which of these is your first reaction?


Photo: Caiti Ann http://www.flickr.com/photos/caitianne/3660558349/

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Watching the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada has taken me down memory lane to the first time I went skiing (and only time)!

The snow is beautiful as it literally glitters in the sunlight.

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